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Why Choose Thomas Francis University - Spiritually-Based Doctoral PhD Degrees

Choosing the right metaphysics school and curriculum is an important decision for prospective students, and sometimes the choice may be difficult. Obviously, we at TFU feel that we offer an outstanding curriculum that will truly enable our graduates to be successful in their chosen degree areas. However, we also recognize that you want to make sure our curriculum is the best fit for you.

With this in mind, we offer several tips below on choosing the right metaphysics school, university, or college to best fit your needs and objectives.

How to Choose the Right Metaphysics School for You Choosing the Right Metaphsycs School - Spiritually-Based Doctoral PhD Degrees

If you are like most prospective students, you have probably done your research to find which metaphysics schools are available and how they operate. Perhaps you found the choices confusing and even wondered whether some were scams or not. Perhaps you found other online sources that were critical of metaphysics degrees and wonder if any of this is real or trustworthy.

Just to reassure you, we are not aware of any major metaphysics school that is trying to harm others or take advantage of them. Each school is trying to make a positive difference each in its own way. And this offers some clues on choosing the right school for you.

With this in mind, the following are some tips for choosing the right metaphysical school. We realize that we run the risk of losing you as a student by providing this information, but we would rather see you choose a school that is the best fit for you.

  • Review each school’s curriculum, course descriptions, and degree offerings. Do they offer the courses you want? Will their programs fulfill your educational objectives and goals?

  • Endeavor to get a sense of how each school operates and what is expected in order to graduate.

  • Endeavor to get a sense of the school’s spiritual philosophy. Are you more interested in a school that is more objective and grounded, or one that is more subjective and open in their course material? Are you looking for a more Christianized metaphysics program, or a program that is more scientific in nature?

  • Are their tuition rates competitive and affordable?

  • Note the professionalism and detail of their websites (or lack thereof). Were most of your questions answered?


At this point, you will likely find one or two schools that seem to resonate with you on an emotional, intellectual, and spiritual level. Now you can take it a step further with the following:

  • Send an email to the school to ask any questions that you were unable to find answers to on their website. How quickly did they reply? This gives you a rough idea of how responsive their customer service is. Bear in mind that emails sent outside of the school’s business hours will likely not be responded to until they reopen the next day. This is fine.

  • Next, if possible, call the school on the telephone to clarify any questions you still have. How did you feel after speaking with the staff? Did you get a feeling of assurance? Were they able to answer your questions? Were they friendly and personable? If you left a voicemail, how quickly did they return your call?


As you continue to review your options, bear the following in mind:

  • Just because a school has been around a long time does not necessarily mean they are the right school for you.

  • Just because a school has been around a relatively short time does not necessarily mean they are the wrong school for you.

  • The most expensive school is not necessarily the right school for you.

  • The least expensive school is not necessarily the right school for you.

  • You need to assess all factors to make an informed decision.


At this point, you should have gained some additional information that will allow you to make an informed decision. With this in mind, here is the bottom-line of choosing the right school for you:

  • Weigh all the information you’ve collected carefully, then choose the school that resonates the most with you and will help you to achieve your learning goals and metaphysical career objectives.

About Thomas Francis University - Spiritually-Based Doctoral PhD DegreesWhy Thomas Francis University is a Good Choice

  • Thomas Francis University is part of the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism established in 2010 with the mission of providing high-quality metaphysical education that helps people to have better relationships and to live more successful lives.

  • ICMH Schools have well over 1,000 students and graduates from all walks of life and from more than 60 countries with ages ranging from the 20's into the 80's all seeking to explore their spiritual side and to learn new skills. Our programs change lives for the better!

  • Most of our curriculum is unique, proprietary, and powerful. It is only offered at ICMH Schools. You have not studied most of our concepts before nor can they be found online for free.

  • Thomas Francis University holds high educational standards for all instructors. Not just anyone can be a TFU instructor; in fact, in order to be a TFU instructor, the individual must have graduated from our Doctoral program.

  • Our courses are well-written and top-notch. They are designed to teach the information well without unnecessary fluff.

  • Thomas Francis University utilizes the latest in educational technology. Most of our systems are automated which directly translates into lower operating costs which, in turn, reduces our tuition rates and allows more people to achieve their educational goals and dreams. Automation also allows our instructors to focus more on helping students.

  • We appreciate that not everyone wants the same things in a metaphysics school. That's why we offer choices. Thomas Francis University offers a broad variety of regular and esoteric metaphysical courses which are perfect for students who desire a more open and subjective approach to metaphysics. Students who are more scientifically-minded will still do well at TFU, but also have the choice of enrolling at our sister school, the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science (IMHS) which takes a more objective approach and has more stringent graduation requirements.

  • Students are our “customers” (which is true for any college) and our “customer service” is World-Class. We respond very quickly to emails and grading. We endeavor to accommodate our students whenever possible. Our job is to help you succeed—we want you to succeed! If you succeed, so does Thomas Francis University. Our instructors are your greatest cheerleaders!

  • We welcome your emails and phone calls, and will do everything we can to assist you in making your decision. Contact us if we can be of any help!


We hope you have found the information above helpful and look forward to the possibility of having you as a student in the near future!


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