Metaphysical Science Degree

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This Degree is Customizable (Choose Your Own Courses)

Metaphysics PhD Degree Program Information

Degree Type:

Metaphysical Science (Customizable Degree; choose your own courses)

Degrees Included:

Bachelor of Metaphysical Science MSc.B

Master of Metaphysical Science MSc.M

Doctor of Metaphysical Science MSc.D or Doctor of Philosophy PhD

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Degree Features:

• Study at Your Own Pace - Accelerated Format - Excellent for Busy People

• Earn your degrees in 3 to 12 months (average is 10 to 12 months)

• Start Anytime, Study Anywhere - 100% Online

• All Study Material Included

• No Contracts - No Prerequisites

Degree Description:

The Metaphysical Science degree is the primary metaphysics path for a variety of specializations and is excellent for students who desire to write books, do training or speaking, conduct metaphysical science and research, research human behavior and culture, pursue philosophy, or are simply interested in a general metaphysics degree for personal growth. It is also excellent for those in the secular world who desire to enhance their leadership and management skills.

Since this degree allows the student to choose his/her courses, it is "customizable" to fit specific learning requirements.

Vocational Info:

This degree is a good choice for:

• Writers, authors, bloggers

• Motivational speakers, instructors, teachers

• Metaphysical researchers

• Metaphysical store owners

• Leaders, managers, business owners

• Personal and spiritual growth

Required Courses: 9

  • Nine courses are required to graduate.

  • Choose five courses from the General list for your Bachelor's degree.

  • Then choose four courses from the General or Advanced list for your Master's degree.

  • The Doctoral degree requires a thesis which takes the form of answering several questions about the courses you completed.

  • Students are welcome to take additional courses either during the Master's Program or anytime after they graduate with their Doctoral degree.

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 Example Tuition for this Degree:

Five Bachelor's Courses: $375
Four Master's Courses: $300
Doctoral Program: $395
Application Fee: $50
Minimum Total Tuition: $1,120

All enrolled courses are accessible from your Dashboard

All Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and PayPal Accepted


 Payment Plans: (You will choose your payment plan when enrolling)

A Note About this Degree: Since this degree is customizable, you will be choosing a total of nine courses from the Course Descriptions page, five courses from the General list, and four from the General or Advanced list. These courses range from $75 to $125 each. To calculate how much your tuition will be, add up the tuition amount of your selected courses, then add $50 for the application fee and $395 for the Doctoral degree. For example, if you choose nine courses with a $75 tuition rate per course, your total tuition will be $1,120 (see chart on left).
Full Pay Plan: Save $100 You can take advantage of the Full Pay discount of $100 after you enroll and choose all your courses. You will still need to submit the tuition amount of your first course plus the $50 application fee during the enrollment process. More instructions are contained in the approval letter you will receive. With this plan, you will be enrolled in all of your required courses immediately upon payment of the full tuition amount.

Monthly Payment Plan

After you have enrolled in the TFU Degree Program and submitted the tuition for your first course and application fee, we can set up automatic monthly payments if desired. More instructions are contained in the approval letter you will receive. With this plan, you will be enrolled in as many courses as your current student account balance will allow. Once a new monthly payment is made, you will automatically be enrolled in more courses.

Down Payment of $125, $145, or $175 (depending on your first course tuition)

With this plan, you will select your first course only and pay the tuition amount plus $50 for the application fee during the enrollment process. You will submit your first tuition payment during the application process. After you complete your first course, you can choose and pay for each subsequent course individually as you go. Courses range from $75 to $125 each. Students who choose this plan can simply enroll themselves by finding their next course on the Course Descriptions page and clicking on the "Enroll" button next to the course title.

All tuition plans include:

  • Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral Degrees.

  • All required courses listed above.

  • All online study material included (no additional book fees).

  • All online exams and assignments.

  • Instructor access and support.

  • Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral diplomas (digital PDF and printed).

  • Postage and shipping for printed graduation documents.


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