TFU Terms of Enrollment


July 1, 2021

By submitting an enrollment application for the Thomas Francis University (TFU) Degree Program, you understand, acknowledge, and agree to the following terms and conditions. These terms are designed to ensure that both students and staff are treated fairly and equitably.


1. Mission, Vision, and Shared Values Statements

MISSION: To raise the awareness and vibrational level of humanity and to change lives positively by teaching grounded metaphysical concepts and practical life-skills that allow people to get past the things that hold them back thus empowering them to live happier, more enriched, and more enlightened lives with a view to self-completeness and self-actualization.

VISION: To become widely recognized as the preeminent educational institution for those seeking a grounded and realistic approach to understanding consciousness, existence, and the human condition. Our vision is a world in which self-acceptance, self-responsibility, respect for free will, and self-completeness lead to an increased awareness and knowledge of the human condition and human potential thereby producing and promoting peaceful coexistence among all peoples. We envision TFU concepts and principles inspiring students to make a positive difference in their own lives as well as in the lives of those within their sphere of influence thus spreading positive change throughout the planet.

SHARED VALUES: We believe in empowering students and staff with mutual respect, tolerance, and equality in the spirit of Do no harm; Do right. There is no place in our organization for racism or intolerance. We believe in showing honor and fairness to students and staff in every way. We also believe that students are capable of accomplishing anything they set their minds to, and we will do our absolute best in helping students to accomplish their educational goals and objectives.


2. General

1. The International Church of Metaphysical Humanism, Inc. (ICMH) operates Thomas Francis University, a school that teaches practical life-skills and higher metaphysical concepts related to consciousness and existence. The authority to confer religiously-based degrees by a bona-fide religious institution is protected by the U.S. Constitution.

2. TFU offers non-secular, religiously-based bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees conferred by the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism, Inc. These degrees are intended for personal and spiritual growth, metaphysical ministry, and metaphysically-related vocations. ICMH/TFU degrees cannot be used in place of a traditional, secular degree. It is up to any particular employer to decide whether a TFU degree is compatible with their employment requirements.

3. TFU is not federally or regionally accredited by any department of the U.S. Government. It is privately accredited by the International Metaphysical Practitioners Association (IMPA), an organizational program of the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism, Inc. IMPA maintains strict educational standards.

4. TFU courses do not provide “academic credit,” as defined by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Therefore, TFU is not required (or eligible) to send out IRS Form 1098-T to students for any tuition paid.

5. All courses are self-study and self-paced. Students may begin at any time after enrollment.

6. There is no deadline as to when students must complete the TFU Degree Program, but there are tuition considerations as outlined in the Tuition section below.

7. Students are expected to make regular progress in completing degree program courses. It is appreciated when students notify TFU Administration of any extenuating circumstances that prevents them from making regular progress. There are no contracts requiring students to complete any specific number of courses in any particular time frame.

8. Students are enrolled in respective and paid courses for the duration of their TFU studies. Once students have graduated with their Doctoral degree, they are unenrolled from their courses. Students are encouraged to save the study material for future reference.

9. Due to the proprietary nature of the TFU Curriculum, TFU does not give grade credits for life experience or transfer credits for courses or degrees obtained outside of TFU / ICMH Schools.

10. Upon enrollment, students will have access to the TFU School Portal and will register a username and password. Sharing of one’s username and password is strictly prohibited.

11. Certain degrees and courses require ministerial ordination from a bona-fide religious institution. These degrees are Spiritual Counseling, Life Coaching, Hypnosis, and Holistic Healing. Specific courses are A60/61, A120, G300/310/320, and G330/331/332. The ordaining institution may be the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism (TFU’ parent), the Universal Life Church, or another bona-fide religious institution.

12. Students may earn a second doctoral degree by taking any required courses applicable to said degree. Additional fees apply.


3. Curriculum

1. Thomas Francis University does not teach traditional college remedial courses related to reading, writing, math, etc. TFU teaches a proprietary curriculum of practical life skills and spiritual philosophy designed to empower and encourage the student, and to provide valuable skills that will help the student to be more successful in all aspects of life. TFU’s curriculum is based on the core teachings of the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism, Inc. TFU is not a Christianized metaphysics school; however, students are free to believe whatever they wish without judgment.

2. All courses are conducted 100% online. No study materials are available through the mail.

3. To graduate with a bachelor’s degree, five predetermined courses must be satisfactorily completed. Four or more courses must be satisfactorily completed for a master’s degree depending on the specific degree, and a written Doctoral Thesis must be completed for a Doctoral degree. See each individual degree program for specific course requirements.

4. All TFU Degree Program courses must be completed one-at-a-time in the order they are numbered except for the Metaphysical Science degree and the Spiritual Philosophy degree. Students will be simultaneously enrolled in all courses they have paid for but must still compete them in the correct order.

5. All TFU study material is copyrighted by the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism, Inc. unless otherwise specified. Sharing course materials with others is strictly prohibited and grounds for expulsion with no refunds possible.


4. Tuition

1. Current tuition rates, plans, and forms of acceptable payment are available on each respective degree program description page available on the TFU website at

2. In order for an enrollment application to be processed, tuition must be submitted immediately following the submission of the application. Applications without a tuition payment will not be processed. If the prospective student encounters any trouble submitting a tuition payment, he or she should immediately contact TFU Administration either by telephone or by email. An enrollment application should only be submitted with payment.

3. All tuition plans include all necessary courses and all study material for earning a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree. There are no hidden fees, or monthly or annual fees before or after graduation. Additional courses may be taken either prior to completing one’s master’s degree or after completing the Doctoral degree.

4. Students will be enrolled in as many courses as their tuition payment allows at the time of payment. In the case of students who pay their tuition in full, they will be immediately enrolled in all their courses.

5. Students may change their specialization (major) at any time, however, doing so may incur additional tuition fees if additional courses are required. For example, if a student pays his/her tuition in full for a particular specialization, but then later changes that specialization to a new one, there may be additional courses required for the new specialization that were not initially paid for. In such cases, the student may elect to not complete any courses not required for the new specialization. However, no refunds or transfers are available for the non-required courses.

6. Students may change their tuition plan at any time by contacting TFU Administration.

7. Students who choose automatic monthly payment plans must ensure that the funds will be available on the payment date. If a particular monthly payment fails, it will be reattempted after 3 to 5 days. Automatic tuition payments that fail two consecutive times will have their tuition plans cancelled and will be switched to the Pay-As-You-Go tuition plan.

8. Tuition rates will not increase once the tuition has been paid. Otherwise, tuition rates remain in effect for a period of five years from the date of enrollment. Students who do not pay for their remaining courses within this time frame may be subject to a tuition rate increase for the remaining courses.

9. Tuition credits are not available for courses or degrees obtained outside of ICMH Schools. Please contact Admin for specifics.

10. Unfortunately, federal accreditation is unavailable to metaphysical colleges and universities. Therefore, we are unable to accept any form of tuition payment that requires federal accreditation including federal student loans, grants, and VA benefits.


5. Expectations


1. Instructors and staff genuinely want to see all students do well and succeed in their studies as well as in their careers. Therefore, we pledge to assist students with their studies in any way possible. This includes positive comments on work performed as well as suggestions for improvement, as necessary.

2. We also promise to respond to student emails promptly as well as grade completed exams/assignments as fast as possible, but in no case shall more than 24 hours pass without a response. (If you do not hear back from an instructor within 24 hours, it is likely something happened to the email or notice enroute. Please reach out again via email or phone call.)



3. Students are expected to give their best effort by studying carefully and thoroughly, apply what is learned, and follow all instructions provided.

4. Students are also expected to reply to all instructor emails and instructions when requested in a prompt and timely fashion.

5. Students are expected to follow the Shared Values in the first section above as well as abide by all school policies, terms, and conditions.


6. Withdrawal, Cancellation, and Refunds

1. Students are considered as enrolled in the TFU Degree Program regardless of whether they are currently enrolled in any specific course until such time as the student officially withdraws from the TFU Degree Program by email or is dismissed for cause by TFU Administration.

2. Students may take time off from their TFU studies if desired by simply informing TFU Administration. No cancellation, suspension, or official withdrawal is necessary. Students in good standing who officially withdraw may re-enroll in the TFU Degree Program in the future and receive credit for any courses completed. Any tuition paid for courses not completed will also be credited to the student's account.

3. In extreme cases where student behavior and/or performance is not in accord with the terms contained in this document, disciplinary action may be taken by Admin which can include dismissal and revocation of any earned degrees. Such actions are rare and not taken without just cause. In the event that action is taken, tuition refunds will be handled in accordance with items 4 and 5 directly below.

4. Since TFU courses and intellectual property are digital in nature, no tuition refunds can be given for any course in which a student is or has been enrolled for any reason including the Doctoral Thesis course. Application fees charged at initial enrollment are non-refundable. Refunds for tuition credits from approved courses taken at TFU sister schools are not available.

5. Refunds for courses in which the student has not been enrolled will only be made to students who officially withdraw from the TFU Degree Program. In such cases, refunds will be issued within two weeks less a $50 processing fee and less any credit/debit card merchant fees paid by TFU when the tuition was originally submitted. Once a student requests withdrawal, he or she will be unenrolled from all courses immediately.


7. Student Contact

1. Students enrolled in the TFU Degree Program agree to receive and read email updates sent by TFU Administration. Due to the importance of student body communication, students are not allowed to opt out of TFU emails.

2. Student birthdays are remembered each year in the form of an email sent on their birthday, and students agree to allow this email to be sent.

3. Students must maintain a working email address in order to be enrolled in the TFU Degree Program and any included courses. In the event that an email no longer works, the student will be unenrolled from the TFU Degree Program as well as any courses until such time that a working email address is received by TFU Administration.


8. Privacy

1. Student contact information is not shared with anyone for any reason outside of ICMH Church and school staff.

2. Students’ names are posted on the school website for graduations and honor roll. Any student who does not want his/her name posted can request this from Admin.


9. Duration and Inclusions

1. These terms and conditions may be revised at any time, and in such case, any revisions will be considered retroactively binding.

2. Specific instructions, grade and graduation requirements, and other policies contained within courses and study material are also deemed to be part of this document.



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