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Instructors / Professors - Thomas Francis University - Spiritually-Based Doctoral PhD Degrees

Our professors/instructors have a vested interested in your education and growth throughout your course studies. Their goal is to succeed by helping you to succeed. Rather than basic instructors, they are more like mentors who are as interested in seeing you evolve throughout your studies. Therefore, they are accessible and available via email and by phone or Skype to help you along the way as necessary. Progress calls are also available as necessary during your studies to make sure you get the most from your TFU education.

In the spirit of legendary coaches such as Vince Lombardy, our professors will challenge you to reach deep inside and draw the Greatness you have within to the surface. You will emerge from your studies a different person than when you started in many positive ways!


Douglas R. Kelley, PhD, CH, CSLDouglas R. Kelley, PhD, CH, CSL

Dr. Kelley is the Founder of Thomas Francis University, and President of ICMH Church. He personally teaches many courses at all ICMH Schools. He has spent nearly four decades learning, developing, and teaching metaphysical concepts that can be applied to one's life whether secular or spiritual. He has trained thousands of managers, ministers, and leaders as well as helped hundreds via life-coaching and spiritual counseling. He has blended his own metaphysical concepts with practical life and business skills to create the TFU Metaphysics Degree Program as well as compelling certificate courses. In addition to a PhD in Metaphysical Science, he is a Certified Hypnotist (CH), Certified Seminar Leader (CSL), and an accomplished professional speaker, trainer, life coach, minister, and author of many published books and courses in the fields of human development, metaphysics, leadership, relationships, and anomalous research.

Vicki L. Hunter, PhD, CH

Vicki L. Hunter, PhD, CH

Dr. Hunter has worked as a clairvoyant for 40 years and is an accomplished spiritual counselor and educator. She is a former TV host and the author of several books and programs including her flagship work, Principles for Natural Laws and Learning. Dr. Hunter holds a PhD in Metaphysical Humanistic Science specializing in Spiritual Counseling and received IMHS' highest honor, the Akasha Scholars Award. She resides in British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Vicki's Website

Ingrid Irwin

Ingrid C. Irwin, Msc.D, M.A., CPI

Dr. Irwin has a Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Science (Msc.D) and a Masters of Arts (M.A.) in Parapsychology and Consciousness Studies with distinctions. She has studied and gained certifications in areas such as Advanced Meridian Psychotherapy, Advanced Pranic Healing, Certified Paranormal Investigator (CPI) and is a Founder Life Fellow of the World Guild of Metaphysical & Spiritual Counsellors (W.G.M.S.C). She has served on the Advisory Panel for the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena, on the board of the ParaNexus Anomalous Research Association, and Administrator of The Australasian EVP Research Forum. With a deep interest in the fields of paranormal and anomalous phenomena all her life, she became most interested in EVP voice captures. She began specializing in the recording and research of Electronic Voice Phenomena over a decade ago. Her research focus incorporates the acoustic nature of speech, segmentation of articulation and spectrographic analysis of speech. She explores the possible differences between anomalous and human speech, focusing on a capture's articulation oddities and deviations. She is constantly developing various recording trials and studies as a means of gaining further knowledge and insights into Electronic Voice Phenomena.

Angela Kittle

Angela Kittle, PhD, RMT

Dr. Kittle has a passion for animals and a natural ability to communicate with them. She has utilized her abilities in the field of animal rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming for over thirty years. In addition to teaching at IMHS, Dr. Kittle is Director of Paws for a Moment Animal Rescue, specializing in terminal animal rehabilitation, and was co-executive producer for the television show Paws for a Moment, which aired in 2010 on UCTV. She has worked privately as a rehabilitation specialist for over thirty years and served on several local animal rescue committees. Dr. Kittle holds a PhD in Metaphysical Humanistic Science, graduating summa cum laude (highest honors) from the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science (IMHS). In addition to her PhD, she received a Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management from Bryan College, an Associates of Applied Science in Business Management from Dalton State College, is a Reiki Master/Teacher specializing in Animal Reiki, and an ordained minister for the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism. When she is not working with animals, she can usually be found in nature interacting with wildlife, or enjoying time with her family. She currently resides in the state of Georgia, USA with her husband, five dogs, four cats and various animals in need or who wander in for a visit.

Olga Norstrom

Olga Norstrom, PhD, CSC, RMT

Dr. Norstrom earned a Master of Science in Neuroscience, and a Master of Arts in Science and Medical Journalism, and has worked for several years as a health, nutrition, and medical writer and editor. She also earned her PhD in Metaphysical Humanistic Science from IMHS summa cum laude and was presented with the Akasha Scholars Award, IMHS' highest honor. A strong interest in holistic healing led her to pursue certification as an Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner (AWP) with specialties in Ayurvedic nutrition, herbology, Vedic astrology, crystal therapy, chakra therapy, aromatherapy, acupressure point therapy, meditation for health, and pranic healing. She is a Master/Teacher of Usui Reiki and Chios, and is a practitioner and teacher of healing modalities based in Latin American and Caribbean Shamanism, including the Rites of the Munay-Ki, Ama Deus, and Deep Release Point Therapy. She is also certified in Health and Medical Astrology, Medical Intuition, Health Numerology, and Vastu (Indian holistic design for home and business). She enjoys teaching, and has been teaching Reiki, meditation, and holistic health and nutrition for two years in live workshops and online.